Lars Wrobbel
Investor & Author
Lars is one of Germany's most influential finance bloggers and authors, specializing in passive income in general and P2P in particular.
Igor Puntuss
CEO at bulkestate
Igors Puntuss is Co-founder of Bulkestate. By creating a real estate crowdfunding and a group buying platform, Igors has proved that even retail investors can generate a truly passive income online.
Heiko Hildebrandt
CEO at Target Circle
Heiko leads Target Circle which provides an AI-driven platform to automate and scale in-house affiliate partner programs.
Martins Sulte
CEO at Mintos
Martins is a CEO and leads Europes largest Marketplace for loans.
Kaidi Ruusalepp
CEO at Funderbeam
Kaidi founded and leads Funderbeam, a global funding and trading platform for high-growth private companies built on blockchain technology.
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