Ausra Ciupliene

Ausra have been in banking and lending businesses since 2009. During this time she successfully set up and launched almost 10 different lending products in 5 markets. Her focus had always been market research, product and company strategy development and implementation, process set up, risk management and running business operations.

Most recently, Ausra become CEO of first peer to peer lending platform in Lithuania – Ambitious goals set by the shareholders are waiting ahead – to become a leading alternative financing company in Lithuania and moreover.

Ausra have kick started PeerBerry into a standalone company. She was responsible for all operations from putting together business strategy all the way to implementation, overseeing product development, attracting investors, hiring and growing team, on-boarding investors and running business operations. As a CEO of PeerBerry in 12 months she have singlehandedly on-boarded 9 loan originators and 3080 registered investors which resulted in 33 million loans funded and 240 thousand interest earned.

Before starting PeerBerry Ausra was Chief Risk Officer at Aventus Group where she was responsible for setting up main lending processes & activities in all countries where the group operates, namely Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic and Georgia. During her career at Aventus Group she was heavily focused on risk management, new market research and assessment as well as introducing new loan products into the markets from research stage all the way to marketing, sales and collection.

Ausra started her career in banking at AB Bank “Finasta” where eventually she became Head of Credit Risk. During that time at Finasta, she was responsible for setting up bank’s lending processes, defining credit policy and risk management strategy, setting up and mentoring credit teams, reporting lending activities, tracking performance and credit risk management metrics. She was also a member of bank’s credit committee and risk committee.

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