Olga Davydova
Head of Media Relations
Daniil Aal
Head of Group Sales & Business Development Manager
Henrijs Jansons
Platform Lead
Gustas Germanavicius
Stepan Hyks
Head of Rollout
Evaldas Remeikis
Chairman of the Board
Maksims Dambrausks
Business Development Director
Raivis Palmakovskis
Head of Product Development
Eduards Lapkovskis
Member of the Board
Boan Sianipar
VP of business development
Alise Cevere
Spain Country Manager
Maxim Chernuschenko
Juris Grisins
Adam Kuszyk
Kristaps Bergmanis
CFO, Member of the Board
Lars Wrobbel
Investor & Author
Lars is one of Germany's most influential finance bloggers and authors, specializing in passive income in general and P2P in particular.
Marcis Gogis
Head of Product at Mintos
Marcis leads product management at Mintos which includes everything from defining the product concept to the development execution.
Kolja Barghoorn
Investor & Author
Kolja is a leading German YouTuber ("Aktien mit Kopf" launched in 2013), investor and author ("Der Rationale Kapitalist" published in 2017).
Ausra Ciupliene
CEO at Savy
Ausra leads and is a CEO of first peer to peer lending platform in Lithuania – SAVY.lt. Ambitious goals to become a leading alternative financing company in Lithuania and moreover.
Marek Pärtel
CEO at EstateGuru
With vast experience in the property sector in 8 countries, Marek leads EstateGuru, an online marketplace of secured property loans.
Edgars Ivanovs
Partner at Crowdestate
As an expert with over 15 years of experience in real estate, Edgars leads the business development of Crowdestate's crowdfunding marketplace.
Matiss Ansviesulis
CEO at Creamfinance
Matiss is the co-founder and CEO of Creamfinance, acknowledged as Europe's fastest-growing Fintech company in 2016 by Inc. 5000.
Igor Puntuss
CEO at bulkestate
Igors Puntuss is Co-founder of Bulkestate. By creating a real estate crowdfunding and a group buying platform, Igors has proved that even retail investors can generate a truly passive income online.
Vladislav Filimonov
COO at Grupeer
Vladislav have gained a massive experience in leading Large Group of Multinational Teams as a Vice-President of Mastercard and while working in Pay Pal.
Heiko Hildebrandt
CEO at Target Circle
Heiko leads Target Circle which provides an AI-driven platform to automate and scale in-house affiliate partner programs.
Rolands Mesters
CEO at Nordigen
Roland leads Nordigen which helps banks and other lenders approve all creditworthy loan applicants using Open Banking and account information.
Martins Sulte
CEO at Mintos
Martins is a CEO and leads Europes largest Marketplace for loans.
Tomas Medeckis
CEO at Welltrado
Tomas leads Welltrado, a global platform for investors to consolidate, manage and monitor all their investments in a single application.
Artur Geisari
CEO at monify
Artur leads the fastest SME lender in Baltics and Poland. Just in 2 year’s time, Monify has grown up to 23 employees, 12 million EUR loans lent, 500+ customers.
Tanel Orro
CEO at ReInvest24
Tanel brought his deep experience to Reinvest24 to make real estate investments accessible to all via an open platform.
Toms Sturitis
Head of Investment Promotion Division
Toms has been a lead adviser for foreign investors of various sectors – personal portfolio of more than 180 million Euro investment attracted.
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